4LEAF, Inc. (4LEAF) is a professional services firm who specializes in providing plan review, project inspection, and on-call inspection services to municipal Building and Public Works Departments throughout California, Washington, Nevada, and the New England area.

4LEAF is seeking highly qualified full-time plan review candidates for positions in California.  Candidates must be qualified to perform technical plan reviews on building plans submitted by architects, engineers, contractors, and owners for compliance with structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, accessibility, and general conformity to applicable ordinances, laws and State building codes.

Current Job Openings

Plan Review Engineer

Key Duties:

  • Reviews plans and specifications of commercial, industrial, public or other major developments to ensure compliance with building codes and ordinances;
  • Advises architects, designers, contractors and developers on code and design requirements;
  • Assists building inspectors on difficult or unusual code requirements for major structures;
  • Reviews plans for compliance with the Title 24 Energy Conservation and ADA Regulations;
  • Answers inquiries from the public relating to the regulations for building and housing construction, remodeling and repair, including structural, nonstructural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and zoning matters;
  • Performs related duties as assigned.


  • MS in Civil/Structural Engineering with 6 months of experience. Or BS in Civil/Structural Engineering with 5 years of experience;
  • Certification from International Code Council for Residential Plan Review Examiner;
  • Proven knowledge of building, electrical, mechanical, and/or plumbing, zoning, energy and accessibility codes and regulations;
  • Basic knowledge of building materials, construction methods and other related codes;
  • Blueprint reading and complex regulations; Federal, State, and Municipal codes and regulations governing housing and building construction, rehabilitation, alteration, and use and occupancy;
  • Appropriate fire resistive construction and building methods.

Candidates must:

  • Maintain a healthy working relationship with contractors, builders, and the public;
  • Must have good customer service skills including, good listening and negotiating skills;
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Must have excellent critical thinking and decision making skills;
  • Must have the ability to identify and solve complex problems by conferring and providing information to developers, engineers, architects, property owners, contractors, and others regarding code requirements and alternatives.

For more information or to apply for a job, please send resume and cover letter to: careers@4leafinc.com