4LEAF Services



4LEAF provides services that include but are not limited to Construction Management, Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Inspections, Building & Safety, Fire Resiliency, Disaster Recovery, Program Management, and Environmental Consulting.  Please contact us for more information.

Construction Management

4LEAF offers all of the key elements for successful project, and our approach is straightforward: 

  • Provide you with a pool of highly qualified professionals
  • Work with you, not through you
  • Function as an extension of your staff
  • Finish on-time and on-budget

4LEAF performs full-service Construction Management services including: 

  • ADA/Building Code Compliance
  • Constructability/Bid Ability Review
  • Construction Inspection
  • Contract compliance
  • Cost Control
  • Inspectors of Record
  • Project & Program Management
  • Administration Services




Building Dept. & Municipal Services

Because we serve as an extension of municipal departments such as Building, Planning, and Fire, we believe 4LEAF has a distinctive understanding of your community’s day-to-day needs. 4LEAF can provide staff who specialize in a full range of services that can be tailored to our client’s needs. Additionally, our staff have the training and experience to provide departmental services to jurisdictions including:

  • Building Official and Dept. Administration
  • Building and Fire Plan Review and Engr.
  • Building and Fire Inspection Services
  • Code Enforcement Services
  • Community Outreach
  • Counter/Permit Technician and Admin.
  • Comprehensive and Housing Planning Services




Environmental Services

 4LEAF provides the following Environmental services: 


  • Phase I & II Environmental Assessments
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and inspections
  • Waste Characterization Sampling
  • Health and Safety Plans
  • Site Investigations (groundwater, air monitoring)
  • Site Investigation Work Plans
  • Construction Management & Project Management