Angel Island State Park: Immigration Station Hospital Rehabilitation


4LEAF provided inspection services for Phase 3 of the rehabilitation of the Immigration Station Hospital at Angel Island State Park. 4LEAF also provided the same services for Phases 1 and 2 of the rehabilitation project. The restoration and stabilization of this historic building includes major repair of the 100-year-old two-story structure and its transformation into an exhibition space, a genealogy center, conference center and administrative offices. This 10,630 sq. ft. building has had only minor alterations over time and retains most of its original features. As such, it is an excellent extant example of early 20th-century hospital design and construction. The project provided for the full exterior and interior rehabilitation of the structure, construction of structural rehabilitation, and installation of selected building infrastructure such as plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems.

Site work included accessibility around building and extending to other site features immediately adjacent to the building connecting from existing accessible path and extending to the monument to the north, and providing ADA accessibility to the entrances of the building. The project was completed in January 2016.


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February 12, 2015