Candlestick Point State Park – Yosemite Slough Wetland Restoration


4LEAF provided construction management and inspection services for this high profile project that transformed Yosemite Slough, a previously neglected part of the City’s waterfront located in Candlestick Point State Recreation Area, into a restored wildlife habitat.  The new 7-acre marsh area is part of the Yosemite Slough Restoration plan, which will return 34 acres of shoreline to its natural state, creating the largest contiguous wetland area in San Francisco.  The $14 million first phase of the restoration featured two new tidal bays and a sandy shell-covered island designed exclusively for birds.  The 132-acre site is located along an approximately 3.3-mile-long section of the southeastern waterfront of San Francisco.

4LEAF’s Scope of Work included providing construction management and inspection services for the following project components:

  • Demolition of existing above-ground structures, including a 4,000-sq. ft. former woodmaking shop.
  • Removal of more than 3,500 pounds of debris, including concrete, asphalt, and bricks.
  • Waste characterization of site soils for lead, nickel, arsenic, and petroleum hydrocarbons.
  • Removal of an underground storage tank (UST).
  • Construction of soil treatment pads and stockpiling storage areas.
  • Excavation and stockpiling of lead-affected soils.
  • Excavation, stockpiling, and placement of Franciscan bedrock materials containing naturally-occurring asbestos and nickel.
  • Soil stabilization activities.
  • Off-site disposal of lead-affected soil, recycling, and reuse of existing materials.
  • Installation of an irrigation system and perimeter fencing.
  • Hydroseeding of uplands and planting of recently constructed wetlands.

This project, which was originally scheduled to take two years to construct, was completed in half the time. The aggressive scheduled required work to be performed at night and weekends and was a true team effort. This project success was the result of a solid partnering relationships. 4LEAF cultivated strong relationships and managed scheduling challenges to help ensure the project goals were met.


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January 23, 2015