City of West Sacramento – PG&E Gas Pipeline Replacement Project


4LEAF provided construction inspection services on this project that replaced three miles of 16-inch diameter high-pressure steel lines under the major collector streets of West Sacramento. The new line route was within two major roadways in the city – West Capitol Avenue and Jefferson Blvd. Portions of the project were in Caltrans’ Right of Way, including the immediate vicinity of several Interstate 80 overpasses and on-off ramps.

The project included installing temporary street lighting, removing existing street lighting, GPR of utilities, pot holing and locating existing utilities, excavating roadways, and placing a new 16-inch diameter steel gas line.  Project also involved replacing sidewalks, placing curb and gutter AB aggregate, placing asphalt, hydro testing of the new 16-inch gas line, and demolishing and abandoning the old gas line.

4LEAF’s scope of work entailed monitoring the construction work, ensuring the Traffic Control Plan was enforced, monitoring measures for pedestrian safety were in place and maintained, and ensuring the contractor complied with City standards for the final 4 ft of AB placement and roadway AC following installation of the new gas line pipe.


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January 23, 2015