City of San Marino – Housing Element Update


4LEAF was chosen to perform the Housing and Safety Element Update for the City of San Marino, located in the County of Los Angeles. For this project, 4LEAF has four planners assigned to work on the City’s Housing and Safety Element Updates.

The City requires a comprehensive update of the Housing Element for the 6th planning cycle and California State law requires that the Safety Element be updated concurrently with the Housing Element update. The updated Housing Element, Safety Element, and related California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation for the 6th planning cycle will be approved by the City Council and the Housing Element submitted to HCD by October 2021. The City of San Marino requests that the Housing and Safety Element updates be developed through a consensus building process that is fully responsive to comments and concerns of the public and affected/interested agencies. As such, 4LEAF is spearheading multiple public outreach campaigns.


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March 10, 2021