City of Pleasant Hill – On-Call Planning Services


4LEAF Planners oversee several complex planning projects for the City. All projects with the City of Pleasant Hill are developer-funded and responsibilities include preparing staff reports, resolutions, and ordinances for recommendations by the Architectural Review Commission, Planning Commission and City Council; processing applications for minor/major subdivisions; Planned Unit Development/Specific Plan; General Plan Amendment; Minor/Major Subdivisions; Development Plans; CEQA Review; and Architectural Review Permits.

Current/recent project support includes:

  • Downtown Cleveland Multi-family Specific Plan: Architectural Review, Planned Unit Development/Specific Plan “Concept Plan”, Development Plan, General Plan Amendment, and environmental review for a 189-unit multi-family residential development near the City’s Downtown. Project is preparing for public hearings before the Architectural Review Commission, Planning Commission, and City Council.
  • Oak Park Specific Plan: 34 lot major subdivision, development plan, and rezone (PUD).  Rezone from R-10 (SFR 10,000 min) to Multi-family very low density as part of a Planned Unit Development/Specific Plan, development plan review. Prepared all staff reports and made presentation to the Architectural Review Commission, Planning Commission, and City Council.
  • 590 Creekside Minor Subdivision: 2-lot single family subdivision. Prepared all staff reports findings and resolution for approval before the Planning Commission and City Council.


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March 10, 2021