Sacramento Regional Transit District – Green Line Light Rail Extension Project


The Green Line to River District Project was the first phase of a 12.8-mile extension of RT’s light rail service from downtown Sacramento through Natomas to the Sacramento International Airport. The $44 million Design/Build project included construction of trackway, an overhead contact system, a traction power substation and power distribution system, railroad signaling, traffic signaling and pre-emption, communication elements and cabling, a station on Richards Boulevard, and a potential station on 8th Street north of I Street.

This was RT’s first Design-Build rail project and 4LEAF was awarded the Project Management Services contract for this important project because of our extensive Design-Build knowledge. 4LEAF’s role as the PM consultant was to assist RT in the procurement phase and to provide oversight and coordination with the selected Design-Build entities during design and construction. 4LEAF served as the single point of contact for the Project Management team as well as associated technical, professional, and administrative staff. Services provided included the following:

– Participating in the development of the RFP for Design-Build services.

– Participating in the review and evaluation of proposals submitted for the Design-Build solicitation.
– Developing and implementing project policies and procedures.
– Coordinating with City, State, and Federal agencies, transit operations personnel, and other RT staff.
– Developing and monitoring schedules and budget.
– Reviewing technical components of work products.
– Coordinating the Safety Certification of the constructed system.


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January 1, 2015