City of Mill Valley Miller Ave. Streetscape and Underground Utility Improvement Project

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4LEAF provided CM and Inspection services to the City of Mill Valley for this multiple award winning $13.5M capital improvement project that has dramatically improved multi-modal movements for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles. It installed new underground utilities; rehabilitated asphalt pavement; and replaced sidewalks, utility boxes, streetlights, and landscaping to beautify more than two miles of Miller Avenue. Project components included:

  • 6-inch and 12-inch welded steel waterlines and 4-inch laterals
  • Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR) Asphalt Paving Method; Cold-in-Place (CIR) Asphalt Paving Method
  • Pipe bursting Sanitary Sewer Installation; Cured-in-Place Pipe Sanitary Sewer Installation.

This project was segregated into two separate projects because of funding sources.  4LEAF provided separate documentation to accommodate the Federally-Funded project, which was at north end of Miller Avenue and included concrete sidewalk, curb, gutters and curb ramps.

As the largest Public Works project ever undertaken by the City of Mill Valley in the heart of its downtown district, the project garnered a large amount of attention from stakeholders.  The City is well known as being home to residents who are heavily involved in city issues. 4LEAF was formally recognized and commended by elected officials, city staff, multiple residents, and businesses for creating a very positive construction environment through 4LEAF’s full-time on-site presence and availability in coordinating issues specific to traffic, parking, safety, pedestrians, and businesses.

Services performed by 4LEAF included:

  • Close collaboration, led by the CM team, between the City staff, design firm, construction contractor, and 4LEAF’s subconsultants for materials testing/special inspection and schedule management.
  • Extensive daily public outreach and communications with downtown business owners concerning issues such as access to their properties; collecting daily photographs of construction activities.
  • Managing project documentation according to LAPM requirements as required for federal funds.

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February 24, 2021