City of Redwood City Middlefield Road Underground Utility Relocation Project Phase 1


4LEAF provided the City of Redwood City with Construction Management services for the $7.6 million Underground Utility Relocation Project. This project relocated the existing overhead electrical and communication facilities below ground and the removed existing poles along Middlefield Road. The project included the installation of more than 54,000 linear feet of various size trench conduits and more than 150 underground utility boxes and vaults, varying in sizes from 17 in. x 30 in. to 5.5 ft x 9.5 ft.

The Middlefield Road project required extensive construction oversight and knowledge of utilities, Caltrans, Southern Pacific Railroad, residents, businesses and motorists as Middlefield Road is a major arterial roadway. 4LEAF’s Construction Manager ensured the trenching, installation of conduits and the underground utility vaults and boxes were constructed in accordance with the approved composite design.  The design was based on the City and utility companies engineering standards.  Weekly construction meetings were held to review past and future work and to discuss and resolve any outstanding issues.

Services performed by 4LEAF included:

  • Scheduling, coordinating, and attending pre-construction meeting and weekly construction meetings.
  • Preparing meeting agendas and meeting minutes.
  • Corresponding and coordinating the Project contractor and their subcontractors and suppliers, City’s design consultants, utility companies, and permitting agencies including Caltrans, and Union Pacific Railroad.
  • Communicating and coordinating with members of the public (residents, businesses, and churches) as necessary for any project related impacts such as driveway closures and other temporary access restrictions.
  • Coordinating with the City’s consultant project inspector for measurement and payment, and prepare monthly progress payments.

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February 24, 2021